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Panama is the best connected country in the World

Panama Canal and Ports

Panama is the only country in the world with a terminal with access to 2 oceans, Atlantic and Pacific. Its annual cargo movement of more than 7 million containers per year defines them as the busiest ports in Latin America.

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Hub of the Americas

With more than 132,000 direct flights annually to 90 destinations in 35 countries, Tocumen International Airport is the best-connected airport in Latin America, establishing direct connections to all major cities and capitals of the continent, reaching Europe and beyond.

Leader in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Panama is the recipient of 45% of the FDI received by Central America.
The dynamic economic growth and excellent prospects, create an advantageous environment to invest in Panama.
The country receives more than 45% of FDI in Central America and has the largest number of Regional Trade Agreements in the area.

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Fastest Growing Economy

One of the most dynamic and fastest-growing economic environments in Latin America, with special incentives for foreign investment, such as multinational headquarters legislation (SEM), EMMA and others.
In addition, Panama has an inflation rate of only 0.7%*, one of the lowest in the world, investment grade with a stable outlook and its economy is oriented to the service sector. All these unique attributes, coupled with its privileged geographical position, make Panama an extraordinary hub for business.


Moving towards energy sustainability

It is estimated that, in Panama, domestic energy demand will increase 5.2% per year until 2050. To meet demand, the country is open to foreign investment.

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